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QUESTIONS? CALL: +971 50 4283 983 | +971 4 3437344 | Email: info@storagesolutiondubai.com

Who We Are

We have a one liner in terms of introduction of our business, and that's "WE MOVE WITH STYLE & LOVE TO STORE".

We have been in removal business since early 2000, and have been since outnumbering our competitors with our knowledge, experience and great focus on customer service.

Our storage are located on convenient location in Dubai, we are approved by civil defence authorities with extensive fire alarms, our 24/7 access facility are fully monitored by CCTV,

Our Facility is fully clean and well maintained by professional staff,

Why choose us,

> Lockable individual storage units with full security

> 24/7 easily accessible

> Fully monitored by CCTV cameras

> Neat and clean storage facility

> Approved by concerned authorities

> Convenient location

> multiple sized customized storage units

If you are planning for moving, renovation of your home, or maybe you planning to travel for few months,

or you have got new arrival, you need extra space but meanwhile you don’t want to dispose your precious stuff, so we are here to provide you exclusive services of storage from very tiny stuff like storage of student books, storage of your stuff to have space for your newborn baby stuff, short term storage of your stuff for your vacations, and long term storage for renovation and moving,


Our easy rental terms for hiring a storage room makes getting a perfect storage room for your belongings easier, from big to small sized storage rooms, we can fulfill all your self storage needs, and plus provides to a hassle free move so you don't have to call multiple companies and find all removal solutions under one roof.

We have been in storage and removal business in dubai from early 2000, and have been only improving and providing more customized solutions than anyone else. Our Strategy: focuses on better customer experience and resulting improved relations.

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